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This perfect bastard… (Photo credit: Private archive - Don’t copy or use please!)

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Leadoff home runs really fire up Jose Reyes.


Leadoff home runs really fire up Jose Reyes.

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Like father lithe daughter

This so cute!

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Recently back to singing. I’m not sure why and how but I never liked singing before, though I sing in school choir from kinder to high school.

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Diogo Morgado na peça “Acredita, Estou Possuído!” (2007)


Diogo Morgado na peça “Acredita, Estou Possuído!” (2007)

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Summer so far.

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I can’t believe that I just executed a ‘middle finger thing’ to my brother while explaining what does this teenager did on her photo. I mean seriously. I never did middle finger thing when I was that age and I am not dumb enough to take a selfie executing it. Doing the middle finger does not make me rich nor intelligent but rather than I will be famous because I gave myself a huge embarrassment and impression to other people that I kind of not have that respectable manner. I curse only in the a way that it should be. But an action with an evidence of just acting to make you look cool is very dumb. To teenagers out there, I hope that you will try your best to think of the possible outcome of the things you do, be on it personally, mentally and sexually.

*I felt awkward after I did it in front of my brother.

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No matter what I do, my mom still see me as a failure. I just wanted to be a good daughter because I already know that I am not her favorite and will never be. I felt like home is not my home, for I never felt I belong in here. Before I explained everything, all of them already judge me. I never did no wrong, was being my self could ever be wrong? It was never been my fault that I wasn’t born intelligent, but I am not numb by not being affected on everything they say. When they commit mistakes, they wanted to be forgiven immediately but when I commit one, I will live in hell because they will keep on dragging them back.

I’m  tired. I’m so tired. 

During the time when I needed them the most they are not there. They pushed me even lower, I have no life at all. I only live with my dream that just turned illusions that will never happen. I love them, but I don’t see my self with them in the future. I will leave. 

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I’m feeling suicidal. I’m not fucking joking.

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And in the 14th inning, they ate ice cream.


And in the 14th inning, they ate ice cream.

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